10 Budget friendly decorating Ideas: Cheap tips for home décor that give more for your money

Decorating with a budget in mind
Michelle Tether
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Home interior decorating doesn’t need to be expensive and the entire room doesn’t have to be renovated to create a fresh new feel. The following 10 tips will help to add spice to a room’s décor without breaking the budget and it can be done quickly with minimal fuss.

Cheap Bedroom Decorating Tips

Bedding Sets

Bedding in a bag options have come a long way and there are some very attractive options out there at relatively inexpensive prices. You can buy a complete kit for as little as £20 now and here’s a lovely example from Matalan.

Cheap bedding set

Cheap bedding set on sale at Matalan for just £24.

White Bedding

By going all white with bedding a fresh new look is created that’s perfect for winter or spring. It also creates a neutral palette for future decorating with coloured throw pillows, blankets and accessories. The link provided goes into great detail how to work from a base.

Paint and Sandpaper

Furniture can be transformed in a weekend with some primer, paint and sandpaper. Inexpensive furniture from a second hand store is the perfect target for trying a new paint colour, some decorative painting or a distressed furniture look. If it goes horribly wrong, you can always add the furniture to the garden decor where a rustic look might suit more.

Change the Lighting

For a real inexpensive new look, change the lampshades. For a more dramatic look, get totally new light fixtures and turn the installation into a DIY project. You could experiment with lights behind mirrors. The play between light and glass can make for dramatic decoration.

Lighting and mirrors for decoration

Image source. Lighting and mirrors for decoration that’s dramatic

Ok in this example it’s not cheap, but the lamps could be substituted fairly easily for less of an architectural look. This would also apply to the table.

Cheap Living Room Decorating Tips

Window Treatments

Change the view and the natural light in a living room by changing the window treatments. No sew curtains are easy, inexpensive and don’t require a sewing machine. They can be hung in fifteen or twenty minutes if you already have a poll in place, making them the number one tip for decorating in a hurry.

Nice curtains no sew

Nice curtains no sew –
amazingly only £55 from

The impact of these curtains is instant. They look really expensive, and they really work well against neutral decoration.

New Floor

Replacing flooring can be expensive but buying an area rug doesn’t have to be and it can create a dramatic impact immediately. I’ve looked at hardwood flooring in previous articles if you’re interested, feel free to take a look at the link provided. Otherwise here’s a wonderful plank style hardwood floor worth every penny at £50 per square metre.

Plank hardwood flooring

Plank hardwood flooring by

Accent Wall

Painting an entire living room is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a room’s décor, but even an accent wall can have a dramatic impact. Step out of the box and do some decorative painting or freehand scrollwork to make the accent wall even more impressive. I looked closely at accent walls in the previous post linked above. I think it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at one image from that post here.

Add an Accent colour for Punch in a Room

Image source. Add an Accent colour for Punch in a Room

The idea is simple and requires little planing to create a fascinating decorative result.

Cheap Kitchen Decorating Tips

Painted Cupboards

Buying new cupboards can be expensive, but painting cupboards isn’t and can give a kitchen an entirely new look. I often find this looks a little underwhelming, but it’s all about your skill and style.

New Lino

Peel and stick floor tiles have gotten very inexpensive and attractive over the years. Old linoleum can be covered in just a weekend with fabulous results. this can be your number one decorating bargain technique if you get it right.

Glass Backsplash

Normally I would recommend a tile backsplash, but it is a pretty big DIY project but it can be done with some patience, a little research and some pretty inexpensive supplies. However, a glass backsplash can be fitted in an hour or two. Simply stuck on with silicone. Make sure to follow the glass shop guidelines so you don’t get any ugly colouring showing through from the sealant used to adhere the glass. The result is not only impressive but it’s an incredibly rewarding project.

Glass splashback

This glass backsplash from looks really nice even against cheap units.

It has the massive benefit over tiles of being cut to size. So you don’t have any annoying half tiles to cut, or ugly gaps where you couldn’t cut the tile!

When trying to change a room’s décor on a tight budget there are a few key tips to remember; changing the lighting can give a room a whole new feel, colour is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a new look, and DIY projects can dramatically drop the price of any home redecorating or renovation.

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