A Home Decorating Guide for New Homeowners: Simple Home Decor Ideas to Make a New House Feel Like Home

Michelle Tether
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New home or not, coming home should feel like coming home. Even new homeowners who are struggling for cash flow can apply ideas for home decorating on a budget to make a new house a home, and very cosy indeed. There are several basic things new homeowners can do to infuse a new house with personal touches both inside and out, which I’d love to share with you.

Home Interior Decorating

Once the boxes are unpacked, new homeowners can feel too overwhelmed to tackle home decorating. Whether the issue is cost, time or motivation, home decor sometimes gets neglected – it’s hardly surprising, the amount of effort that goes into getting yourself organised and some sort of reasonable layout is considerably draining. Fortunately, there are several basic things that can be done to quickly change the look and feel of the inside of a house.

Quickly painting yourself an accent will, it’s such a super quick decorating tip, it saves days of hard decorating, and is an easy way to change the look and feel of a room. Sometimes even dramatically so, depending on the colours chosen. You can take down one room in half a day with this method. Of course, it does rely on the previous neutral decoration being in pretty good shape. That’s a call you need to make. If your going to go for a painting option inside. I highly recommend avoiding poor quality, toxic paints. You can buy environmentally friendly paint for the interior with no fear of quick deterioration whatsoever. Here’s an accent wall from a previous post that’s linked.

Add an Accent colour for Punch in a Room

Image source. Add an Accent colour for Punch in a Room

I keep throwing this out there, I am not trying to spam you guys out, but in London how often are walls just whitewashed when preparation for sale is made? This is the perfect, genuine practical solution to that and can really be achieved in a short couple of hours.

Lighting makes a big difference to the atmosphere in a home. Replace outdated or overly dim light fixtures with updated lighting choices from a local home improvement store. Consider adding a dimmer switch (also available at home improvement stores) for more choices in adding ambiance to a room. I’ve made a nice post on finding bargain accessories, but don’t over do it, try to use what you have first, it’s always better to sacrifice a little aesthetics for nice money savings.

Flooring is another way new homeowners can make a bold statement. While it is easy to spend a small fortune on a nice floor, installing flooring does not have to be a bank breaking investment. Good choices are available in all price ranges. Consider peel and stick tile or snap and lock hard wood laminates which are manageable do it yourself projects. I made a guide to help you in the link provided. Here’s a previous picture share as well.

Plank hardwood flooring

Plank hardwood flooring by

Your quickest route to a cosy home is accessories – even if more significant cosmetic changes are out of the question, the right accessories in the right places can really pack a punch. Choose a vibrant colour that coordinates with a room and sprinkle the colour throughout the room with pillows, candles, artwork and a knick knack or two, again try not to over do it. Your husband is going to really be feeling the strain financially right now, it’s a good time to reign in and be a wife worth having(from his standpoint). Just saying!

Home Exterior Decorating

Home decorating is not limited to the interior. Assuming an entire overhaul of the house’s colour scheme is out of the question, the doors of the house can be used to make a statement. Make sure you decorate choosing quality paint externally. A lovely Victorian door needs some help staying tip top. Painting the exterior doors a colour that provides a bit of tasteful contrast to the colour scheme will add a bit of flavour too. Typically London homes are going to have white windows, with a contrast door. Here’s a perfect example of that.

London home door contrast white windows well

London home door contrast white windows well – I can’t find the original owner of this image – I believe it is WSW.

New homeowners often put landscaping plans on the back burner, assuming they are too costly and money/time can be better spent elsewhere. True, landscaping can be expensive and not in the budget for new homeowners. If landscaping is not in the budget, simply tinkering with existing landscaping and adding personal touches can make a big difference. Try these quick updates:

– Well placed seating in the corner of the yard
– An outdoor BBQ. Don’t underestimate the mood lifting qualities of making your man happy.
– A hanging basket on the porch

Outdoor BBQ accessories

Outdoor BBQ accessories by – £289.00

Things are going to have to be pretty bad financially to not have this approved or appreciated. If none of these tips appeal, don’t fear I have plenty more outdoor garden accessory ideas for you at the link provided. Applying simple home decorating ideas can help new homeowners personalise a new house and make it feel like home. A new home is also a work in progress, and while small decorating strategies can be applied immediately, larger changes can be applied as time goes on.

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