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Accessorise an Outdoor Living Space: Decor Accessories that Bring Interior Design to the Home’s Exterior

outdoor living spaces
Michelle Tether
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You probably have the itch to start planning a new outdoor living space, or maybe you are one step ahead and already have one and now looking to implement the plan? In that case, this article can provide inspiration and ideas on how to decorate outdoor areas on a budget, or not if your lucky!

A trend began to emerge that’s seen homeowners renovating their backyards into dramatic outdoor living spaces and taking full advantage of all the meterage. As 2017 draws to a close, this hot trend is expected to expand to include completely fitted outdoor kitchens and living rooms complete with comfy, weather resistant furniture and flat screen televisions. We already find a high end BBQ in most homes. It would make sense that we go back to our roots of out door living. The sunshine is a great place to be after all.
Here are the best (and most affordable) ways to decorate an outdoor room:

Choosing Outdoor Fabrics

There are a variety of fabrics available for outdoor furniture. Vinyl and plastics are durable and inexpensive but do not emote the feel of a living space that you are proud of. Plastic do serve a purpose though. When it’s wet you can’t ruin a plastic chair! There is a drawback with plastic and that is on really hot days they are sticky and uncomfortable. Consider choosing fabrics that are breathable, (like Sunbrella) treated to resist fading and dry quickly and will not be heavily damaged by rain – well that quickly anyway. They do cost a bit more but they will last as much as 4 times longer than the cheaper versions, so in the long run they save money and provide functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here’s a little look at Sunbrella.


Thanks to Chicago Gardens for this picture of Sunbrella

Outdoor Heating

Spring and fall seasons can bring unpredictable weather such as rain and even snow. To lengthen the outdoor season, think about investing in outdoor heating, it’s not entirely environmentally friendly but some ways will work using renewable sources such as wood stock fired. If the environment thing doesn’t concern you then some of the newest options on the market are propane burning portable heaters that come in a variety of attractive tabletop portable units and lamp post style upright versions. I much prefer green things so take a look at this beauty.

Outdoor Heater

Outdoor Heater by Malmo – looks the business 


Floor Coverings

It is hard to imagine but companies exist today that just make rugs for outdoors such as area rugs for the deck, terrace or patio. Made of polypropylene, these attractive outdoor rugs resist mold and mildew and can be washed or hosed down. Generally, they are inexpensive and really go a long way to pull a ‘room’ together outdoors. Just take a look at this beauty on sale at ideas4homes.

Outdoor Covering

Outdoor Covering – Stylish and great wearing in harsh conditions

Clever & Stylish Storage

When creating an outdoor living space that is completely uncovered and open air style, plan ahead and add a large deck box or a small cabana shed to your budget. When you are not using the outdoor living room, put away the cushions and weather sensitive accessories, to protect them from the elements. Everything will last longer and you don’t have to drag them into the house or garage. Positioning a covered deck box close by offers a protected place to stow the cushions until the next time they are needed.
It may seem odd to be featuring an article about outdoor living spaces with winter just around the corner. However, all great projects take planning, and what better way to spend snowbound days stuck in the house than planning and dreaming of outdoor living space.

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