Can’t Fail Room Makeovers: Home Decorator Guide to Changing Home Decor

Michelle Tether
Written by Michelle Tether

Who doesn’t love makeovers 🙂 ? The problem is most of us walk through our houses and only see the before picture, what we want to achieve at the end doesn’t always work out. There are a few tips that can turn your average home decor skills into top level design. Normally, it all starts with extensive research and a comprehensive design file. If you look at the featured image, this design is actually incredibly easy, a well placed sofa and an accent wall. Designers are making rooms like this in no time at all.

The grandest rooms don’t finish that way because they were pieced together as you go along. The rooms in your home are no different. Designs evolve, but they always have a sturdy base or platform to improve from. It doesn’t matter if your preparing your house for sale, or it’s that time to change things up. The fundamental of good design is accurate planning.

The decorating plan: dreaming and scheming

There are many photographs in Room Makeovers that help a reader to understand the process of envisioning a room, in fact these days, I head over to Pinterest first, they’ll always have some idea I am interested in. All I did was search “decorating ideas”. I found hundreds of great ideas, this was basically the first one I liked.

Nice decor ideas

Image source. Nice decor ideas

Better yet click through to the owners website and almost always theres wonderful information to help. Key elements, such as colour and architectural detail, are well explained, helping a homeowner make a plan to translate ideas into reality. If your stuck, I have some budget decor ideas to get you going.

A home showcasing architectural elements

The stage is set for a home’s style right at the porch. Follow up with a foyer that entices both residents and guests to come further into a welcoming environment. Consider walls and ceilings as more than backdrops, and learn to get some decorating mileage out of them.

Very nice entrance

Image source. Very nice entrance

You can create decor quickly and beautifully with the right advice and guides, most common tips now are to use an accent to highlight key features of your home.

Home material choices

Wood, stone and brick are the materials of choice when redesigning a home’s interior décor. Don’t select randomly, make sure you’ve planed well and you know exactly what your budget is. Leaving room for error here can be a disaster, leaving a project half finished is really stressful so it’s key to get things done well. A little study will help in a big way to make changes that affect the desired style. Choosing the right material for flooring can really define a room. As in all things that involve home décor, planning ahead is key.

Staircases need special attention

Don’t underestimate how important your stairs are in an overall design. The understanding and uses of staircase spaces is really taking off now and new trends on the use of space seem to crop up almost daily. I previously shared this picture, but I’ll do so again as it’s just the kind of design and decor that’s practical with the wow factor.

Super cool storage linen storage solutions

Super cool storage linen storage solutions

Home decorator

Choosing materials, lighting, colour, furnishings and displays are all an important, and sometimes confusing, part of creating the right feel for a space, get it right and your decor can be made to professional standard, even on a small budget. Get it wrong and you could spend hundreds of pounds on one centre piece that just doesn’t work. Here’s just the example I am talking about. This statue is just in the way, blocking the view to a sash window that looks lovely, and costs in the thousands. Yep, thousands.

Beautiful sash window setting

Wonderful room, wonderful decor, and then a n object randomly blocking the light, I suspect this was a marketing stunt, ill thought out. Don’t shortchange the knowledge real designers can impart when creating a room, but also use your common sense – what were are looking at in the image above, is a disaster on the pocket.

In summary

Can’t fail room makeovers aren’t all that difficult to achieve. Pinterest is full of wonderful ideas which are incredibly helpful and you can translate the designer’s techniques at your discretion. Budget conscience makeovers are always taken into account, and there are some helpful tips to be found, such as using laminate hardwood flooring designs and soapstone, that will be a valuable aid to designers with limited funds. f you find the wood flooring you like, you can even visit my DIY hardwood flooring article to have a go at fitting yourself. Implementing the help of a professional can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful makeover, so take advantage of the free resources the internet offers.

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