Composting Made Easy: How to Recycle Organic Waste

Michelle Tether
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These days, most people attempt to recycle, at least their paper and plastic waste and even though it’s just as easy to recycle organic matter, it’s still not common practice and given the benefits of organic produce we really should be looking to make use of our leftovers. Do you want to have some beautiful compost like in the featured image, and don’t want to pay? And use your leftovers so doing your bit for the environment as well. Read on this is one of my best home tips yet.

Why should organic waste be recycled?

Around 50% of landfill waste could be composted but instead the buried organic waste, which cannot rot properly in a landfill site, turns to black slime that produces methane – a gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. It can pollute water and the natural habitat of many animals if it escapes. By composting domestic waste much needed nutrients are reintroduced into the land and in turn, the life of many animals and plants, including us humans. This is a far more effective way of maintaining the eco system.

Landfill compost food waste

Looks nasty – almost like you don’t want to see it, much less have it on your website. Landfill compost food waste

It looks so horrible, it’s like we want to ignore it be honest. It’s terrible but true. I almost didn’t want topost the picture but hiding and avoiding solves nothing.

What can be composted?

Any organic waste from the kitchen or garden – food scraps, peelings, all fruit and vegetables, teabags, coffee grounds, hair, nail clippings (yes, even them), tissues, paper towels and napkins and egg boxes can all be composted, all people have to do is scrape it into a different bin. Paper towels and your cooked food are the perfect combination for a wormery which we will come to a little later on in this article.

What cannot be composted?

Don’t compost any meat, diary products, fish, eggs, bread, cakes or biscuits unless there is a burning desire to see a few rat fans roaming around the house and garden. These are much better fed to a pet at home. If you had space, keeping a few ducks would be ideal. You’ll turn your waste into lovely rich eggs. Be warned you might just fall in love with these things. If you have small children, please do further research into the safety of ducks and kids. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either look at this really good idea by These are certainly not indoor pets but they will also produce lots of compost themselves. It’s a bit smelly but great for the garden.

Ducks eat waste food

Ducks eat waste food by

Composting Solutions

Composting Bins

For those thinking of getting a composter for organic waste but are short of space or don’t fancy the idea of it sitting on the kitchen worktop, there are a number of new recycling bins on the market. Some look like any normal bin but have two inner refuse containers – a large section for general waste and a smaller bucket for organic waste. Some look really quaint like this and you should really consider it in a grand design file, if you get round to landscaping and upgrading the garden.

Composting bins

Composting bins on sale by

Ha! Admit it I said the word bin and you were automatically put off then. The image has completely changed your mind right? Yeah well same for me I was researching this article and I nearly passed. Good job I didn’t it’s probably my favourite solution and if I had the space would use this method for sure.

Thankfully manufacturers realise that all kitchens are different so the selection on offer is ever-growing. There are also eco-friendly 100% natural starch-based biodegradable bin liners available with certain brands, so look out for them. This looks so nice you could include it neatly in the corner somewhere out your outdoor decor setup.

Ceramic Compost Pots

Bench sized ceramic composter’s are available both in shops and online and can hold up to four litres of kitchen scraps. The inbuilt carbon filter eliminates odours and maintains good air flow to prevent rotting. When the crock is full just dump the scraps on the compost heap in the back yard and watch the mini eco-system grow.

Compost pots

Compost pots by for sale at $38

No Garden?

No worries. Those who live in flats but want to do their bit for the environment can still get involved. Tea leaves make great plant food and for people not too upset by creepy crawlies, a wormery can be housed inside or on small balconies and are an excellent way to produce compost for window boxes and house plants. You can then have small indoor planters and improve the look and feel of your home too.They are compact and without doubt the most effective way of turning waste food into useful compost. This one is on sale right now at for £59.99 and it’s a real bargain and a great way to convert waste.

Wormery for sale

Wormery for sale thanks to

You’ll notice the tap at the bottom there, this is where fluid is collected. It’s pretty nasty stuff but unbelievably good for your plants. Every so often, open the tap and fill a bottle. You obviously need to add a little water for the worms to stay moist. There’s full instruction with every kit so don’t worry.

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