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How to Decorate a Home Using Feng Shui

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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese term used to describe a system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of heaven and earth to help improve the QI (pronounced chi) or positive energy flow in one’s life.

Feng shui uses four basic elements: earth, metal, water, and fire. According to what is called a Bagua Chart, there are specific colours and objects that should be associated with certain areas of any living space in order to optimise positive energy throughout significant areas of one’s life. Feng Shui must be planned well and a design idea prior to decorating is a must if your going to make a grand masterpiece.

Feng Shui for Career and Travel

The front door or entry point to a home or room, depending on the area being decorated, is the position representative of one’s career and/or life path. This area should be decorated with the colour black and mirrors. It should host the element, water – either real or figurative. Suggestions for including this important element include fountains, fish tanks, photos or paintings that include water, and shells.
The front-right area of the space being decorated represents travel and helpful people in one’s life. Positive energy flow in this location will assist with finding the right people to help when needed and keep one safe. Typically, angels are placed here along with objects that are silver and grey in colour. The elements hosted in this area should be metal and water.

Decorating for Creativity, Relationships, and Love

The right centre space is associated with creativity and children. This area should be decorated with metal objects and the colour white. Suggestions include works from artists one finds creative and that incorporate an abundance of colour. Think of some favourite painters, literary artists, or some personally crafted creations to showcase in this area. You can also do Feng Shui decoration on a budget.

Feng Shui Decoration

Feng Shui Decoration by Interiors Addict

This is a lovely example of Feng Shui. Decorating can be completed outdoors to make a wonderful flow of energy around the entire boundary of your land. Love and relationships are represented in the right-rear area of the room or home. The ideal colour to decorate with here is pink; red and white are secondary colours. Earth and fire are the best elements to be depicted in this section of the Bagua. Suggestions include pairs of objects, heart-shapes, and the word love. Some of these decorative methods can be carried out quickly, others take a lot more planning.

Positive Reputation and Increased Prosperity

The rear area of any space is associated with fame and reputation. Red is the best colour and fire is the ideal element for decorating in this location. Wood is a secondary element in this section. Decorating suggestions include placing things that one is proud and/or that one wants to be known for. Candles are recommended to represent the element of fire and plants to represent wood. Take a little look at this image for the ideal representation of Feng Shui and Prosperity.

Feng Shui Stimulate Prosperity

Image source. Feng Shui Stimulate Prosperity

The left-rear area represents prosperity. Here, one should incorporate purple, red, green and gold, in terms of colour and wood and water, in terms of elements. This area should include something that represents the epitome of abundance. Suggestions include, coin collection displays, money jars, and wishing wells.

Family Focus and a Greater Knowledge Base

To bring a positive flow of energy into one’s family life, green, black, and blue should be used to decorate the area in the left centre a room and/or home. Wood and water are the primary and secondary elements for this area. Suggestions include family and friend photos in wooden frames. Mirrors can be used to represent water.

Feng Shui Mirrors

Image source. Feng Shui Mirrors

This is a nice picture of wooden flooring and use of Feng Shui. You can see more about laying hardwood flooring in this link provided here.

In the left-front section, blue is the primary colour, followed by black and green. Earth is the element of focus for this space. Since this area is associated with skills and knowledge, it is suggested that a meditative area is created here. It should be a place where one can sit and reflect; a comfortable place where one can stop and contemplate. This area works to bring positive flow to one’s inner being as a means to provide self-enlightenment.

Health Benefits of Feng Shui

What proves, for many, to be the most important aspect of life, health, is represented in the main central space of an area. The best colour to be used here is yellow, closely seconded by orange and brown. The ideal element is earth, followed by fire. Suggestions for this space include plants or images of them, symbols of earth such as mountains, candles, and flowers. House Plants and flowers can make a real difference to the positive energy of a room. This area of the Bagua balances all of the others and is, thus, very important.

Health Benefits of Feng Shui

Image source. Health Benefits of Feng Shui

If incorporated properly, Feng Shui is said to bring noticeably positive changes to one’s life. When plotted out, the elements within the Bagua represent a distinct cycle of creativity. Earth creates metal: Metal holds water: Water feeds wood: Wood fuels fire: Fire makes earth.

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