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English Country Style Home Decor for the Bedroom: Decorating Ideas

Michelle Tether
Written by Michelle Tether

English Country Cottage bedroom decor is relaxed, informal, and cosy. The most difficult decorating idea in this theme is that nothing matches and there are relatively few rules! Most people have believed all their lives that matching is good, so it can be a challenge to let go of that and it’s difficult, but the rewards are worth it. What a lovely finish, I don’t know if it’s everyones cup of tea but I am sold!

English Country Style Home Decor

Image source. English Country Style Home Decor

It’s a bit busy for some tastes, I appreciate that, but at the same time I couldn’t think of a better place to be wrapped up on a cold winters day with the fire on full tilt.

The best places to look for things to create this bedroom decor look are online, in antique shops or raid the attic of your family home, it’s amazing what we forget up there. The more authentic the piece looks and dare I say the more used, the better it will work in the beautiful English Country Cottage style.

Wall Decor in the English Country Style Bedroom

Go for soft pastel floral colours such as pale rose pink,soft sky blue, lilac, apricot or cream. This is pretty much a neutral decor scheme. Although the English Country Style bedroom could be wall papered, a better home decor look is with painted walls and introducing floral fabrics for curtains and bed linen, and exposed wall beams where possible. Walls could even be whitewashed for a really authentic look but I think there’s better value from a little colour in a country home.

Country Cottage Style Rugs and Floors

Unlike the more Scandinavian look with light floors, the English Country Cottage bedroom decor would have dark wooden floorboards – these may not necessarily be hardwood flooring it’s more likely to be stained Pine, or a hard stone floor with a mixture of rugs. Keep in mind the idea that nothing has to match and therefore antique shops, and second hand are your best friend – it’s amazing what decor accessories you can find of value in these types of shops, and so cheaply too. This stone flooring is very much my cup of tea, it’s surprisingly nice to walk on too.

Stone flooring country , chic style

Image source.Stone flooring country or chic style

The rugs can be different textures and sizes and shapes all in the same room. The idea is to create a comfortable bedroom. Stick to the pastel floral coloured palette of rose, apricot, cream and pale green to keep the English Country Cottage theme.

Home Decorating Ideas for Lighting

Instead of a central light, wall lights that add interest to wall decor are far more common. The shapes in English Country Cottage decorating should be round and simple, in wood, brass or ceramic. Bedside lamps and shades might reflect the bed linen. The linen is a big part of the country home and it’s important to know how to look after your linen properly.

Bedroom country style, very comfy

Image source. Bedroom country style, very comfy

Remember – nothing needs to match. Other nice options might be lampshades that are plain or patterned with lovely coloured glass. There’s never much need for fringes or beads in this style, but I have seen stencils that can be used to create interesting shapes and styles. Stencils that are in keeping will work nicely; a countryside element such as leaves, trees or birds.

English Country Cottage Bedroom Decor

Bedroom decor is pretty and fresh looking, but also has a certain quietness to it that’s charming and nice to be in . The bed should be wooden or wrought iron. Cover it with a colourful homemade patchwork quilt or white linen that plain. Don’t go for those that are precision made and look like works of art but try making one with knitted squares instead of different colours sewn together, a patchwork. Make a bedcover with a typical Country Cottage style chintz fabric covered in large open roses. Chintz at the window in a different pattern may seem an odd choice at first but will help create an informal and comfortable look. Here’s another idea on what a country bedroom could look like.

Wooden bed country home style

Image source. Wooden bed country home style

Lay a lacy cloth over a bedside table and display some small blue and white pieces of china.
Place fresh pink flowers in a jug on a small wooden dresser painted white. Surround the flowers with photographs in silver and wooden frames – these are all very nice country styles. Hanging a plain mirror on the wall above the dresser and place a wicker basket on the floor for books and magazines. To complete the English Country Cottage home decorating look for that special bedroom, add watercolour prints of country landscapes to decorate other walls.

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