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Finding Interior Decorating Bargains: Tips for Getting Deals on Home Décor Items and Projects

make your own interior art
Michelle Tether
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Stretch that interior decorating budget even further by thinking outside of the box and coming up with ways to save money or to find budget items. With time, elbow grease, and creative thinking interior decorating projects can become less expensive. The following tips on interior decorating bargains should start the ball rolling but don’t stop there, come up with more creative ideas to save money on interior decorating projects. Take a look at this picture making use of old plumbing and worktops. Looks pretty rustic and in the right setting a nice asset.

home decorating bargains

Image Source. Nice sidebar made of old plumbing, very nice home decorating bargain.


Waiting for a sale or a gently used item to crop up somewhere is not fun but it can be the key to some great savings. Develop and interior decorating scheme for the entire home and get in the habit of constantly looking for odds and ends that fit into that long range plan.

Do-It-Yourself Interior Decorating Bargains

diy interior decorating

Thanks to Wood work lab DIY interior decorating

Do-It-Yourself of DIY projects are an excellent way to save tons of money, but it’s essential that everything is still done correctly. Some DIY projects can actually be dangerous so learning as much as possible and reading the instructions is essential. Other projects will just look bad if they’re not done with the proper preparation and training but with a bit of knowledge and the right tools DIY can reshape a decorating budget.


If an interior decorating project is a bit beyond the DIY abilities of the homeowner then bartering may be an option. Using family and friends who have professional skills or hobbies that fit into interior decorating projects is a fantastic way to save money. Reach beyond immediate circles and try bartering with other professionals to accomplish more complex tasks.

Make Your Own Art Interior Decorating Bargains

Artwork is expensive part of interior decorating projects but it means so much more when it’s done by the homeowner and their family members. With the increased interest in green decorating there is a new appreciation for found art or recycled pieces which don’t always require as much skill as a more traditional art form does. For those without artistic skill, photographs always make interesting artwork.

make your own interior art

Image source. Make your own interior art

Look Everywhere for your Interior Decorating Bargains

Shopping outside of the traditional interior decorating stores can bring about some inspiring pieces and incredible deals. Keep an eye open at all times for any objects that may fit the interior decorating scheme or will add to it in an interesting way. Make trips to boating, auto, hardware, and even farming stores to find inexpensive items that work with the décor. Go a step further and leave the stores for a trip through nature, with the focus on green decorating the perfect accessory might be in the backyard.

Second Hand

Don’t be overly concerned with adding new objects to the home, second hand and gently used items can be found a deep discounts and in remarkable condition. Routinely visit second hand stores, garage sales, and internet sites that specialise in resale items. Some of the best furniture items are previously owned as they develop more character and patina over time and some even appreciate in value.
The above tips are a great starting point for the budget conscious interior decorator but obviously not the only ways to save money on interior décor.

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