Give Old Cabinets New Life, Inside and Out: A Quick and Easy Facelift Can Make Over your Kitchen

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Michelle Tether
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Cabinets can set the tone in your kitchen, whether that tone is outdated and run-down or new, fresh and hip. You can change the entire feeling of the room and update it without costing too much. Finding interior decorating bargains that work, isn’t that easy, but this really does. Follow these tips to refurbish and update the cabinets in your kitchen. This is a seriously budget friendly way of sprucing up your home – big time.

Consider Your Surroundings

What is wrong with your current cabinets and what do you want them to look like? Are they too dark or too light, too ornate or too simple? Are you redesigning your kitchen? Whatever you are doing, make sure you’ve made a good plan for this decorative update. Cabinets are one of the most customisable objects in your home, and as such you can do nearly anything to them. You can paint then, reshape them, change out handles and re-do the insides for a fresh start and this quick decorative tip can have a seriously positive effect on the value of your home. Just consider the strategy that will make your kitchen feel most updated and make your cabinets even more useful. A good start is a neutral decor scheme.

Kitchen makeover

Kitchen cabinet makeover by

It’s not surprising you are pretty impress with this makeover by They’ve taken an out dated fake oak kitchen and given it real purpose. You can do exactly the same with vinyl please read on and I’ll show you where to get high quality materials to make perfect results.

Make Over the Insides

Start inside the cabinets, as you consider lining the shelves with liner paper or vinyl to give them a fresh surface, and consider painting the insides of the cabinets so they feel fresh and don’t have exposed wood inside. Why not take a look below at these beautiful wood grain effect adhesive vinyls. A very interesting idea would be to line inside and out, to truly create a wood effect, but white is also good.

Cabinet stick on vinyl by DI-NOC

Cabinet stick on vinyl by DI-NOC

Consider matching the colour inside to the colour outside, or consider whether you’d like the inside to show through glass doors, in which case you could paint designs or another decorative touch inside.

Treat the Cabinet Doors

Literally dozens of options exist for how to re-make your cabinet doors. This depends on what you start with, of course, but consider the following options: You could sand down and stain your cabinet doors for a natural wood look in either a lighter or darker shade, you could paint them an opaque colour – anything from a crisp white to a bright purple or green to play off the decorations and accent colours in your home.

Take a look at this video.

You can also decide whether or not you want the doors to be solid wood or whether you’d like glass inserts in some or all of the doors, which you can do yourself or have done.

Trim them in Style

There are hundreds of choices for accessories for your new cabinets, from drawer pulls to higher-performing mounting hinges which will make your cabinets practically close on their own. When it comes to drawer pulls, consider two things: first, how you’d like them to feel in your hand and the most convenient way to grab the pulls, and also consider how they’ll match with the other finishes and appliances throughout the kitchen.

Kitchen handles to improve the look of your kitchen cabinets

Kitchen handles to improve the look of your kitchen cabinets

Don’t skimp here. If you’ve updated to a more modern wood effect or even a contemporary grey colour. Nice handles as shown above are cheap and will really enhance the effect. They also don’t cost a lot of money either. They are a top tip for bargain accessories.

This is a super tip if you are preparing your home for sale, and if your not selling, with gleaming new cabinets, your kitchen will feel like a new place as you use it more and make it a place of pride in your home.

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