Grand Home Redecorating and Redesign Ideas: How to Create an Organised & Useful Interior Design Idea File

Michelle Tether
Written by Michelle Tether

Before hiring a tradesman or contractor to moving ahead on any interior design projects, it is critical that the clients communicate their design style and wishes to their designer and decorator. Most homeowners are not well-versed in design terminology, and by putting together a design idea file, you’ll have a clear and concise way to  show the designer exactly what you are hoping to accomplish with this upcoming redecoration and renovation project.

Generating a Project Wish List for Redecorating

Homeowners should begin their design idea file by making a list of the works they would like to achieve in this project. This list can include any potential refurbishment or redecorating, no matter how small or larger a detail, the more effort that goes into the file, the more accurately the designer can quote, and make the perfect environment for you. Even projects that will most likely not be completed in the near future should be added to the list. This wish list will give the homeowners a blueprint for their future home design projects and this is brilliantly displayed by project crafty in this diary.

project wishlist by feeling-crafty

Project wish and diary list by feeling-crafty

Once the list of projects has been produced, the items should be arranged in order of importance. Projects that will be completed first should be at the top of the list, creating an order of priority for each. Clarifying the level of importance for each project will help homeowners cement their ideas prior to meeting with a designer.

Creating the Design Idea File

Using the project wish list, the next task for homeowners is to create their design idea file. The file is intended to be a visual library of images they enjoy. By gathering an array of interior room, furniture and product photos, the clients will have a way to communicate visually with their designer.

Images can be found in home design and décor magazines, as well as books, product brochures and on websites such as Ava Living. Photos should be chosen that reflect, in some way, the projects the clients wish to accomplish within their home. Homeowners should add photos that they especially enjoy. Whether the photo portrays a colour scheme they love, a cabinet style they prefer or they simply like the “mood” or “feel” of the space, these photos will speak volumes to a professional designer. Here’s an example of contemporary redecoration.

contemporary redecoration

Image source for contemporary redecoration

The task of collecting photos for the design file is one that could take months or years. While it can be accomplished within a shorter period of time, collecting photos over time will help the homeowners solidify their personal style.

Often, projects take time to work into the household budget; while the saving and planning occurs, the idea file offers a tangible way to look ahead to that major renovation project and getting a redecoration bargain is a big plus. Creating the idea file can be a fun project in itself, as it becomes a “dream book” for the homeowners’ future plans.

Organising the Idea File

As the photos are selected, they should be placed into a three-ring binder or an accordion file folder. They can be put into plastic page protectors, which will keep them in place and intact for a longer period of time. Homeowners can place the project wish list into the front of the binder or file folder for reference.
The photographs can be arranged in a couple different ways. First, they can be organised according to the project. For example, each section within the binder could be labeled with a project from the wish list, such as “Kitchen,” “Master Bath” or “Family Room.” Photos the fit within each project category should be filed within that section.

Another way to arrange the inspiration photos is to group them according to the type of item in the photo. The labels on the file tabs, for instance, could read “Cabinetry,” colour Schemes” or “Lighting.” This is a great way to organise the idea file for multiple projects or a new home construction project. When the homeowners begin planning a bathroom, they can pull photos from the cabinetry, lighting, flooring and plumbing categories. Talking of which take a look at this beautiful lighting which will set off any redecoration and redesign plans.

lighting hardwood flooring

Image source – lighting hardwood flooring

You have to say that lighting really sets off the hardwood flooring. It raises different shades and levels. The designer got it so right.

Design inspiration files offer homeowners a foolproof way to communicate with their interior designer. While clients may not be able to articulate their design preferences in words, photos will communicate them perfectly.

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