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Green Resolutions: Little Steps towards Saving the Earth

Green resolutions
Michelle Tether
Written by Michelle Tether

Resolutions are often made but rarely kept, the great news is, going green in tiny little ways can make a big difference and isn’t hard to keep to at all. When we pledge to lose weight, stop smoking or pay off your debts in the New Year, we know those are tough challenges. The figures on numbers quitting cigarettes and lasting prove it’s no easy task. However, green resolutions can also be made for collective gain. Beginning anytime and any place, resolutions to go green in simple ways contributes to reducing your ecological footprint on the earth and there’s some great opportunity to teach awareness to your children and the importance of going green. I just had to post this image again from a previous post. I remember this being pretty much close to my childhood dreams. Imagine what it’s like being a kid now with some incredible tree houses.

Childs play house

Childs play house – looks a bit rustic but kids love it – by Optimum garden

Making these green choices are super easy and can differences can be made at the supermarket, by growing your own herbs and vegetables, and around the home there is a whole myriad of ways in which we can lessen pollution and even save money!

Green Food Ideas

Many of us don’t live near an organic or farm shop and believe we don’t have the time and space to grow our own vegetables. Actually that couldn’t be further from the truth – I am guilt of it and that’s half the reason for this post. A reminder that the garden is one of the best places to connect and teach our children. We can use our time in the garden as quality time with our children, teaching them how nature works, how to make compost, how to control slugs the natural way.

Green Food Ideas

Green Food Ideas that get your kids involved. Brilliant picture by Room to Grow

Green packaging and consumable ideas

Choose the recycled toilet paper it’s about 80% better for the environment than paper that’s not recycled, another great environmentally friendly trick is biodegradable soap – in fact making your own soap is really easy and you can produce some fantastic decor for the home, and some very yummy flavours as well. Getting to farm shops isn’t always convenient but do buy locally grown produce when you can.

Some package-heavy goods can be bulk bought to help reduce the package waste. A great tips that’s becoming more popular is to bring your own canvas bags or a basket, some supermarkets are offering financial incentives to do so, we are making so many disposable plastic bags at the moment, we must put a stop to this. This beautiful one is on sale at the future kept for £39. Looks stunning.

Re-usable bags to save the environment

Re-usable bags to save the environment on sale at the future kept

Start a vegetable patch with the kids, it’s a great way to raise your kids and it helps make cheap and quality food. It’ll help you turn leftovers into rich-soil producing compost if you have a hungry vegetable patch!

Barbecue more than you use the stove; it produces fewer harmful emissions and it’s a great time to spend in the garden with your children. A Barbecue is often very cheap, just meat, vegetables, and drinks. The packaging and waste is negligible as well.

One great way of reducing your carbon footprint, is eat all you can raw, I know some don’t like the idea of raw fish, but it’s extremely nutritious and in my humble opinion, super tasty, especially salmon.

Raw fish - who would of thought saving the world would be this yummy :)

Image source. Raw fish – who would of thought saving the world would be this yummy 🙂

Vegetarian cooking is getting tastier and more varied all the time. Try for at least one meatless meal a week. This saves vital resources and you’ll be surprised how much faster you’ll drop those pounds as well

Green Homes

Enjoy showers more than baths, saving water with an efficient shower head can considerably reduce your water use, as well as energy to warm the water – it’s a double win.

Clothes get cleaned just as well when you use a biodegradable detergent. By making your own it’ll help you keep your household cleaning budget under control.

Talking of water, avoid buying bottled if possible; instead, install a tap filter and take a reusable thermos flask that you can carry around. We throw away so many bottles every year it is quite shocking. The simple truth is, if we stopped throwing those bottles away and made use of what we have, we wouldn’t need to make anymore plastic!

Lowering the thermostat a bit and get snuggly in sweaters, and duvets can make big differences over a year to your heating bill – it’s estimated a two degree drop will result in a 15% saving, while making sure your insulation in in good order so heat cannot quickly leak.

Cleaning your house is easy with baking soda and vinegar mixtures; no need for Mr Muscle – honestly just try it!

Replacing your lightbulbs with energy LED bulbs can save money in just three years times, with bulbs lasting 30000 hours, it’ll save big in the long run as well as use less electricity which benefits the environment.

Use re-chargeable batteries for toys, gadgets and tools. Steer clear of leaf blowers and weed eaters for garden work – leaves should be collected and composted, worms go mad for them, and shredded paper, you can learn more about shredded paper in my practising green methods article. Here’s just one more look at my favourite composter.

Composting bins

Composting bins on sale by

Greening the world summary

The best resolution you can make for the earth is to use your car less or get rid of it altogether, that’s easier said than done, however it won’t be long before electric cars that are powered by renewable energy will be the norm. Sensible alternatives include; walking, biking, public transport, and sharing a ride when you can. The emissions and money you save will be considerable.

Recycle much more than you throw away and buy recycled or used products where possible. Simply buy less packaging. Ask yourself if you really need this consumer item or if you can live without it. Lighten your expenditures and you’ll relieve stress on both yourself and the planet. Make a contribution to an environmental cause is O.K but there’s too much wasted, planting a couple of trees where you can is far better. If you choose to try a few of these ideas, you’ll be starting the beginning of something new with resolutions that will benefit yourself and the environment we all live in!

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