Hardwood Floor Design: Flooring Patterns for use with Hardwood

Hardwood floor design
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Hardwood flooring has a timeless and elegant appeal that can add value to any home. To increase the beauty, and interest to any space, install hardwood floors in a pattern and instantly enhance the area. We will discuss many hardwood floor design ideas here.

Following on from how to install hardwood flooring, I have been asked about the designs I decided to highlight both positive, and not so positive. I decided it would make a great post and with reader input, we might find the most suitable flooring on an overall score basis. Be it if your doing this to resell, live with pets, or live with young children. Perhaps even you might be single and just looking to make yourself a cutting edge apartment/home. I’d be glad to help find you the right solution as well.

Plank Hardwood Floor Design

Plank style hardwood flooring can be installed in many ways. Whether the planks are wide, farmhouse style, or thinner and more modern, laying the planks in different directions, or patterns can help delineate and set off any room. You can run them long or the short way. As you know from my previous blog I went short. Here’s why plank is my favourite. It looks stunning – do you agree? Please leave a comment so we can get a good overview on this. No one opinion is right or wrong. Please also leave your circumstances for selecting your preferred plank hardwood flooring as well.

Plank Hardwood Flooring

Image source. Plank Hardwood Flooring

For narrow spaces, try laying wide planks in a diagonal to the corners of the room. This will help draw the eye out to the corners of the room, visually widening it, while adding interest to the floor. To separate the space from adjoining rooms, simply use a wooden threshold in the doorways -a brilliant hardwood floor design. there’s an example of this in an image further down the page.

Herringbones and Wooden Rugs

Although a little out the box, it’s worth covering wooden rugs – for large open spaces, or for areas in a room that have a specific use, such as an eating area in a kitchen, try separating these areas off by forming a “rug” with the floors. It’s super useful if your decorating in a hurry. First, border off the area, by laying the hardwood flooring in the shape of a rectangle or square, this will help to even out the edges of a room, in the case of different shaped areas. Fill the centre of the area in with a herringbone pattern. they also clean super easy and make ideal flooring for pets. You can quickly and cheaply decorate a room with rugs too.

Wooden Rugs

Wooden Rugs by istome.co.uk

Small rugs scattered through an entryway or foyer can help lead the eye into the home, while making the most of a wide open area. Larger patterned areas can be made in dining rooms, or entire kitchens, by laying hardwood planks two or three deep around the perimeter of the room before filling in the centre. This also help transition one room to the next in the case of wide doorways, or open floor plans, where a threshold will not be practical.

Concentric Circles

Another way to add interest to a room laid in hardwood flooring, is to use the planks to create a “bulls eye” in the centre of the room. Follow the edges of the room with planks to even out and square off the room. Then lay planks in smaller and smaller rings toward the centre of the room, finishing with one small piece in the centre. Here’s a good practical example and it really works.

Concentric Circles

Image by TheyAllHateUs
– Concentric Circles

This is a traditional pattern seen frequently in older and historic homes. Try setting off a formal area of the home, such as a living room or dining room with this pattern, and keep the rest of the hardwood floors to a more standard broken joint pattern.

Change up floor plank widths

Hardwood floor planks can come in multiple widths and lengths. Try giving extra interest to a floor by mixing sizes, and changing the percentages of each size per room. For example, use a mixture of wide and thin planks in a kitchen, where the ratio is 40% wide planks and 60% thin. Moving into the dining room, increase the number of thin planks to 70% and decrease the amount of thick planks accordingly. I think it works best in truly authentic homes as attached in the image here.

Change up floor plank widths

Change up floor plank widths – Image by homeremodel.me

Or try mixing the lengths of the planks, and changing the direction in which they are laid when moving from room to room. This can create interest and movement in a subtle way, so as not to arrest the eye, but to still add visual appeal to a space.

In addition to true hardwood flooring, it is also possible to use vinyl planks or porcelain tiles in wood grain patterns in these ways. If opting to use vinyl or porcelain in a high traffic area like a kitchen, while the rest of the home is laid in hardwood, try laying the vinyl or porcelain in a different pattern from the rest of the flooring, so as to not draw comparisons between the two materials. That said a brilliant installation can actually be an improvement on wood, like the design was mean’t especially in bathrooms so I’ve attached well planned bathroom design. This was no fluke. The planning and design files and idea would of been spot on.

Tile wood planks

Tile wood planking effect by BHG.com

If using a very busy pattern or many thin planks in a pattern, try to use a wood with less graining or patterning to it. This can lead to an overly busy or confusing floor. Consistent woods, like maple, may work better in these cases.

Try mixing the layouts and patterns of hardwood floors today, and watch the floors and rooms of the home come alive with interest.


Finally on the list is outdoor accessorising with decking. Wooden flooring outdoors is by far the best choice – it lasts well, it looks natural, and it will keep any area maintenance free. Every year or two you might need to treat and preserve. When you do that be mindful of the environment!

Outdoor Decking

Image source. Outdoor Decking looks stunning if done right.

As you can see this looks authentic and money has been well spent. The value of this property will be positively effected by such brilliant and well thought out design.

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