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How to Save Money on Household Expenses: Guide to Saving on Cleaning Supplies

Michelle Tether
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How much money do you spend on non-food household expenses? Becoming familiar with how much money you truly spend to keep your household running may take several months of trial and record keeping – and if you move, your circumstances will as well. Setting up a budget is simply a starting point of directing your money to work for you. After your first month budgeting you may be made aware that there are many household items that you forgot to budget for. It is often easy to under-budget for cleaning supplies that are necessary for the upkeep your home.

Cleaning your home

Image source. Cleaning your home – a clean home is a happy home, but can it be too clean. The kids think so!

How to Save Money

If you are trying to figure out how to save money on your household expenses, you first need to be truthful about how much you need to spend. Allow yourself to spend the proper amount needed for household maintenance. This can help prevent further problems down the line, within your home. Cleaning your home on the inside as well as the exterior is important. Also consider toiletries when they are on offer. If your not using credit, buying up on specials makes big savings over the year.

Bulk and special offer cleaning supplies save money

Image source. Bulk and special offer cleaning supplies save money

Household Expenses

Budgeting in advance for the best quality products and services to clean your home is important. Having the proper cleaning products on hand makes it easy to continue the upkeep on your property. The basic needs for an apartment may differ from that of someone who owns a large estate or farm. Try to be realistic with your budget.

Budgeting for the best quality vacuum and carpet shampooer should be included in your household budget. The money that you invested in a great vacuum and carpet shampooer can make your annual carpet cleaning by a professional extend the life of your carpets. Budgeting for annual carpet cleaning, exterior power washing and pest control services can help you to save on cleaning supplies and repair expense. Sometimes spending money can save money especially when all that time cleaning with quality detergent helped sell your property without paying on fixing up.

Cleaning Supplies

Create a separate budget for your cleaning supplies. Often people make the mistake of adding their cleaning supplies into their grocery budget. When the grocery budget becomes tight, it seems like a good idea to skip on a few items from your house-cleaning supply arsenal. This is a costly mistake. Maintaining sofas and furniture properly saves a fortune long term.

Living room sofa cleaner

Image source. Living room sofa – cutting corners on cleaning products would cost more than this sofa.

Many times when items are missing such as glass cleanser, dishwasher detergent, micro fibre cleansing rags, trash bags, task specific scrub brushes, and basic cleaning solutions it makes cleaning with inferior products much harder. It is easier to use the dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand. A dirty kitchen is very uninviting but can also quickly lead to major redecoration or worse if it’s the floor that goes, hardwood flooring is expensive, even if you go DIY. Take-out becomes easy and justified when the kitchen is full of dirty dishes, floors are sticky, and the trash is overflowing. Maintaining a clean kitchen and dining area makes it easier to enjoy meals at home as well as use the kitchen productively.

The Pound Shop

Do not shop for your cleaning supplies at the grocery store, unless the item is truly on sale. Scour the shopping sales in your local paper or online, and take a look in The Pound Shop – they really have some terrific bargains and if you want a tip this is the place to go for budget items when redecorating on a shoestring this is the place to go . In this shop you will find full-size bottles and refills of glass cleansers, dishwasher detergent and any other cleansing solution needed for the home.  You’ll also find some brilliant bits for decorating your home cheaply here.

If you can, at the beginning of each year, plan your household expense budget for the cleaning supplies for your home. Having money set aside will help you purchase big-ticket cleaning items like quality vacuums and carpet shampooers when they are on sale. These items can help your protect the investments of furniture and carpeting in your home. Use these tips to help you keep your home clean, inviting and under-budget.

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