Quick and Easy Redecorating: How to Recreate a Home in a Hurry

transform a room quickly with colour
Michelle Tether
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Quick, easy redecorating can be accomplished in any home, whether it is a one-bedroom flat with white walls or a three-bedroom house. Simple, affordable redecorating considers three main elements: colour, texture, and personal items. You need a sharp plan and good job order. It can be done quickly, but also to a good standard.


Changing the colours in a home can make a big difference in the way a home feels, but a colour change need not mean repainting the walls, it could be a change of accessories, and decor items , although it can for those who own their homes or who have received permission to paint from the property manager or landlord.

It can be accomplished in simpler ways for anyone, especially those who cannot break out the paintbrushes and here’s a look at the cheat sheet that’ll transform your home quickstep.

Pillows – This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add a shock of colour to a room. Pillows for the sofa, for an arm chair, for the floor, can all brighten up a room and create a particular feeling of warmth and colour. For example, red is exciting, enlivening, and passionate, whilst blue is calming and soothing, as well as grounding and refreshing you might like to go for a vibrant green. Here’s an example of how pillows can transform a room.

Pillows adding colour

Image source – Pillows adding colour

Furniture – Do not fear choosing bright furniture. One great, attention-grabbing piece in a room can make all the difference, even if the walls are white. Consider an orange sofa, complemented with bright pink and purple pillows. Voila! Instant centre piece, or you could try something like this to liven up a dull room.

Sofa to liven up a room

Image source – Sofa to liven up a room

Slipcovers–However, if a bright piece of furniture is too scary or drastic, or out of the picture due to budget limitations, consider slipcovers. Sure fit is a great place to start looking. They have a variety of slipcovers in many colours, patterns, and textures. There are slipcovers for sofas, wing chairs, and even folding or dining chairs to help homeowners create a personalised look. And the benefit is a slipcover is washable and easily changeable.
Paint–Yes, painting the walls is an easy way to change the feeling of a room. Consider painting one wall a bright colour, such as apricot or hot pink. This can warm up a room without being overpowering, and it looks modern and creative.

Pictures – a well hung picture can transform a dull room and it’s instant. You’re not limited by colour selection and if you get it wrong, it’s a two second fix, simply remove the picture, though I doubt you’d move the example below it looks brilliant.

Picture to wake up a room

Picture to wake up a room

Texture for quick and easy redecorating

Next, take texture into account when deciding on how to achieve an easy, new look.

Single colour rooms – For example, if one wanted to do a room in all white, then use slightly different shades, including ivory, light grey, or light yellow, to create visual texture in the room. Single colour painting is a bargain.
Prints–Do not be afraid to mix plaid prints with florals for a traditional, comfortable look that is still fresh today.
Overall texture – Choose a new piece of furniture or a slipcover with an appealing print or physical texture to change the look of a room. Remember, however, that one great piece per room is all that is needed. Too much texture can create a busy, clashing feeling that is not conducive to relaxing, or “nesting.” Here’s a grand example of texture taking a plain white room much further. It’s such a good example I barely noticed the white background.

Textures making a colourful difference

Textures making a colourful difference

Personal Items for quick and easy redecoration.

Think about all of those boxes that are packed and stored away. They might include:

– Photographs
– Knickknacks
– Treasured items
– Collections of special items

Here’s a look at how trinkets can make a big difference. The flooring looks pretty amazing too!

colourful trinkets

Colourful trinkets


A special baby photo or a collection of boxes or other treasured objects make a striking element in a room. It could be a collection of foreign food packages, or decorated spoons.
If space for displaying the collection is an issue, consider investing in a bureau (a visit to a thrift store or secondhand shop will make this less of an investment), or a rack that will hold everyday items as well as a few personal items. That way, no room in the house or flat is sterile and uninviting. Personal items give rooms warmth and life.

Redecorating can be easy, and even fun, with a few well-thought-out ideas. If painting the walls is not an option, many others exist for creating a fresh new look for all rooms.
Do not be afraid of colour, or of displaying personal items such as photographs. One special photo can change the look of an entire room, making it personal and inviting.
And in this day and time, relaxing, inviting rooms are a necessity for busy people. For everyone needs a refuge at the end of the day, a place to relax and dream, to plan and ponder, to just be themselves.

The best example for me is the featured image, just take a look at how well that brightens the room, and the best bit is it’s improving your health as well as being a quick and easy redecorating tip!

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