Quick Interior Decorating Tricks: Learn Fast Ways to Update your Home’s Interior with Skill and Ease

Interior decorating tricks
Michelle Tether
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A room’s interior decorating scheme can begin to feel stale and old when and it shouldn’t, we get too used to an idea when in fact it might still be very stylish and everything is in good functioning working order. Learn some quick and easy ways to refresh your home decorating scheme without spending a lot of money, time or effort. Sometimes it’s just a little change up is all that is needed.

Move the Furniture

Don’t spend a penny and update the interior decorating scheme of a room by simply moving the room around a bit. This does entail a bit of elbow grease and getting a helping hand may ease the burden, but it is a free way to give your room a boost. It’s amazing how often we overlook a good shuffle around in the nest to brighten up our moods and outlook. Just create a quick design file of where your pieces will go, and then get moving.

Change Linens and Accessories

By just changing the bedding, throw pillows and rugs, or accessories in a room a new look and feel is instantly created and it isn’t an expensive redo.

Linen to change the colour of a room

Image source. Linen to change the colour of a room

A great idea is to look after our linens well, we can put several sets away and create seasons. In fact, some people keep these seasonal linens as a part of their initial decor budget with accessories as well that can be stored and brought out every year so the expense is all paid up for modern looks all year round.

While this is very organised, and professional. In reality I, as a mother of two busy kids find this hard to follow. If some linen is soiled, or an accessory broken, it still requires new items to fill the void. I find these losses total up against me and I am better to have the one set I want right now, and then put the old decor to use in another room or on another project, this then works out very cost effective to spruce a whole home, as your essentially swapping out one room and then shuffling the accessories around!

Create a New Focal Point

Creating a new focal point can be done a number of ways. If there’s a good chunk of money in the decorating budget, then buy a statement piece of art or furniture that can be turned into the centre piece, but be warned, so often these purchases lack overall value, don’t rush into big spends, you can always find interior decorating bargains. My preference, even if the budget is stretched thin, would be painting an accent wall, moving furniture or creating artwork or hanging pictures on a primary wall. It’s amazing some of the things we can do with a cheap canvas and some paint.

DIY Art Canvas

Image source. DIY art canvas made my dabbing an inch brush the the same shape outwards in a circular fashion.

I fully appreciate this isn’t going to be everyones idea of a nice piece of work, but the idea is there, we could use a stencil set, or a different shape, if your lucky you might actually be good at painting the old fashion way!

Change the Lighting

Different lights can create different moods and can highlight different parts of a room, one of my favourite tricks for playing with light and shade, is to hang wall lights wherever possible. It creates fascinating layers in the room, and the exciting part for me is not knowing how good or interesting each fitting will be!

Change the Lighting

Image source. Change the Lighting.

I dream about being this creative, unfortunately, it’ll never happen, however taking from beautiful examples like this helps to recreate brilliant plays on light of our own.

Learn about light fixture types and styles and then select something new and different for the room to take advantage of the properties of light in decorating. If your in a hurry to make a new decor style, this has to be the number one tip!


Admittedly painting is a bit of a drag because we need to do a lot of prep work in advance and there is some expense involved(not that bad), but painting a room can typically be completed in a day and an accent wall will only take a few hours and for those that balk at the cost, it can be quite minimal if painting supplies are already owned or can be borrowed – check with your friends, have they got half a tin they planned to throw out, I know I’ve got a few tins that I would be glad to give away, for a favour down the line! If your looking for tips on how to save money with a new decor, then the article linked is for you. Paint is one way to really change the look and feel of a room, and drastic painting isn’t required, just selecting another colour in the already existing colour scheme can brighten a staid interior decorating scheme, or as previously mentioned the most effective way of making a difference is an accent wall. Here’s a picture I share in a previous post.

Colour accent for large room

Colour accent for large room by

Just a little paint on the protruding fireplace more than enough to give a room a new feel. If your still not sure why not take a look at my ‘how to use colour‘ post?

Shop at Home

Some of the best accessories and furniture pieces are already in the home. Things that were once loved and have been stored make great new accessories, as I previously mentioned in the article, we can get great mileage out of buying a few items, and moving the rest around the home. Don’t stop at stored items though, explore other rooms to see what can be swapped around and fits in other spaces.


As we talked about, if your lucky and organised enough, you can have multiple linen sets on hand and by continually adding seasonal touches to a room the decorating scheme instantly seems fresh and new each season. The key to decorating a room with a seasonal tone is not going overboard.

Don’t add seasonal accessories for the sake of it, we can easily change the tone of a room with the colour of linen, or a few well hung pictures. And never add so many accessories that the home looks over whelmed and cluttered, if this has happened to you, please try to stop buying! We have all been there 🙂

Well hung art completely changes the dynamic of a room

Well hung art completely changes the dynamic of a room thanks to

You may not like this art work but it’s clear just how it changes up the room, and can be made for a few pounds.

Decluttering the home

And speaking of clutter, one quick and easy way to make a room look fresh and vibrant again is by taking out all of the extra clutter and letting the room and its design plan speak for itself. Store the clutter nicely, if you extend the home, or want to change another room you already have a head start without spending a penny! If after this whole article you still are nervous, please take a look at my can’t fail home decor article. I am sure it can help.

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