What about upgrading my old sash windows?

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If you are lucky enough to have wooden sash windows in your home and but are unsure whether to replace with UPVC sash windows or upgrade the originals, then this article will be of tremendous use to you.

I will explain to you why you should in fact upgrade a sash window, and how to carry out that project, from double glazing to draught proofing and including ventilation and sash window security. After you have finished this article my hope is you will really look at the upgrading your sash windows as an opportunity rather than a burden!? There is another question to consider here. Who would want to replace windows that look like this.

Upgrade sash windows

Image source. Upgrade sash windows rather than replace especially if your windows look this good!

Upgrading sash window benefits

Upgrading or replacing your sash windows has economic benefits as well as maintains the authenticity of a period home. Sash window upgrading will increase the security of your home, lower the heat loss and make your home less vulnerable to noise pollution. It is definitely more cost effective and environmentally friendly to upgrade and repair your sash windows, as opposed to replace them and in these modern times. There are many procedures that allow you to upgrade your sash windows effectively and add value to your home in some cases. Sash window repairs and upgrades are easily carried out by many companies or carpenter, you only need to google ‘sash window repair London’ to find a whole host of suitable companies. There are hidden benefits to upgrading your sash windows such as glazing that can stop light penetrating and bleaching your furniture, or hardwood floors. Stunning home ideas can be taken from the image below.

Sash window upgraded

Image source. Sash window upgraded by Hayburn & Co

How to upgrade your sash windows the experts opinion

There are three main ways to improve your sash windows. Install a draught proofing system, install double glazed units to the original pane, or entirely replace. Many experts suggest the best option is to simply draught proof and accept your sash windows will never be perfect. A draught proofing system will dramatically improve the comfort of the home and costs a fraction of entire replacement.

The Beauty Of A Sash Window.

The best option for upgrading a sash window with regard to sash window double glazing is to have secondary glazing installed. This means having a secondary sheet or pane placed inside the existing window, that is side-hung. It is a much cheaper option compared to installing double glazed sash windows throughout the home. There is a problem though, it’s pretty ugly! Would you risk spoiling the look you can see in the image below, I wouldn’t!

Beautiful sash window setting

Image source. Beautiful sash window setting

If you like the way your sash windows look you could try to upgrade by double glazing each panel of a sash window and it is a very effective way of enjoying the energy saving benefits of double glazing without spending that much money. Normally double glazing the old sash and having a draught proofing installed costs less than half of replacement! You can also decorate your original windows and they will look beautiful. When you paint please try to use environmentally friendly paint where you can. Outside you might need to compromise in order to get a lasting finish.

Upgrading your sliding sash windows by draught proofing is another procedure carried out that will unobtrusively stop cold air from entering and cooling your home. It is a cost effective heat-saving task that involves fitting the sashes with strips of a draught brush material and it will reduce noise from the outside and will also stop dust from entering through your sash windows. No more cleaning of your curtains and linen every five minutes. This is an excellent tip for linen care! This is another step in the process of upgrading your sash windows but it is not as effective as putting in new sash windows, though it will make a considerable difference to the comfort in your home.

Sash windows upgraded no dust ingress

Image source. Sash windows upgraded no dust ingress

Having nice thick curtains can also help with the comfort of the room as well. With a draught seal you don’t need to worry about soiling of the curtain and cleaning either. This is going to help manage your household clean budget. Cleaning large curtains is not a cheap process.

Even old timber sash windows are renowned for excellent locks and given that sash windows only open or close with a vertical action does help when it comes to security. I’ve attached a picture of the best type called ‘security restrictors’. Additional locks can be added to existing security devices and again block can be put in place on the sash windows order to allow the window to be opened just a little bit , but not enough someone to climb in. This option is suitable where an emergency exit from the window is not required or you are not concerned with fire risks and using it as an escape route.

Security restrictor

Security restrictor by Mighton Products

By using some of the above methods to upgrade your existing sash windows means that you will have tackled heat loss as well as improved sound proofing, you will of put up an effective barrier to noise, stoped any ventilation issues and overall improved the security of your property. All of this will have been finished at a fraction of the cost that would of been spent on replacement, if you had chosen to install uPVC. So do not fear your original windows can be looked after.

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