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Tips to Organise the Guest Room: How to Clear the Clutter in Your Spare Bedroom

We all dream our guest room could look like this.
Michelle Tether
Written by Michelle Tether

It’s the room no one goes into. It’s full of boxes, old exercise equipment,random cardboard boxes from the last move, and clothing that doesn’t fit anyone anymore. In short, your guest room is a super expensive storage room. When you do have guests over, you panic and, in a brave effort to clear the clutter out, mess is made elsewhere, you shove it under the bed and hope they don’t look under there – it’s a wild guess based on my last experience with guests over!

We’ve all been there, well most of us, I think there are some out there that really are that organised, and I don’t think they would even bother reading this article, they don’t need to, in fact probably, if they did read it would offer valuable insights.

Who doesn’t wish they had a guest room they can be proud of, instead of a room that often feels like the room you just close the door on and forget about? Well, even if your guest room doesn’t make you feel quite that uncomfortable, it still needs to be cleared out and redecorated, doesn’t it? I bet there’s plenty of times you’ve had friends over, but not had an opportunity to ask them to stay because you’re embarrassed by the condition of the room. There are exceptions to this of course, for example where everyones drunk way too much wine and a place to crash is all that’s needed! Oops 🙂

The perfect spare bedroom look – incidentally the blank box is from John Lewise for £350 -Croft Collection Skye Ottoman Blanket Box

Here are my 5 handy tips to help get your guest room shaped up back the way it was supposed to be, and on a separate note, the spare room could even bet let for extra income? Just an idea, I enjoy my privacy but the options there with a room ready to go.

Tips to get the guest room into tip top shape fast and cheaply

Your guest room is a small space so we have to get creative. You know the first tip already, we need to clear out the clutter, so let’s find a new home in the shed for the clutter. Yes, we have to declutter in here. We have to start with a clean slate, so the first step is always going to be to get rid of the stuff you don’t need or want as painful as that might be. Be strict, but remember we can re-use some of these accessories on another decorative project, to create a cheap decor bargain elsewhere.

Many people also use their guest room for their home office or computer room. If so, take a look at how big your desk is. Chances are it’s bigger than it needs to be. Consider selling or donating this one and getting one that is smaller or more suitable for the room. If it’s ok, and you can achieve a nice layout without selling then fine, better to leave be. Your guests will also take advantage of a nice work space.

Now let’s look at the bed itself. Takes up a lot of room, right? Well, how about this idea: get a sofa bed?You know those cool beds that you pull apart and only use when is needed – some are very comfy and ideal for a small room.

Sofa bed for guest room

Sofa bed for guest room on sale at – Venice Sofa Bed – £179.99

Now that you’ve got a lot more room in here, think about what you’d like this room to be when guests aren’t in it, the obvious choice is your office, a nice big desk and a sofa bed will fit very nicely. There’s a high probability you have a nice sash window that provides plenty of light to work in.

A TV room for the kids is another idea but it’s not always conducive to having a clean room when you let your children wander freely.

If you do want (or need) to stick with a permanent bed, then don’t underestimate the under bed storage that the bed will give you. You can store off season clothing under there, as well as rarely used linens which need extra care. It doesn’t need to be entirely abandoned as a storage room to some extent. It can be worth investing in a fitted wardrobe for extra storage in the upper compartments no one will open. Here’s a nice example of built in wardrobe.

Built in wardrobe for storage in guest room

Built in wardrobe for storage in guest room works out to be a great space saver

You might consider a couple of low maintenance houseplants just to keep the room smelling fresh rather than the fake ones pictures.

By remembering that the guest room doesn’t have to be just a guest room you open up far more possibility to use this space as any other in your home. With the cost of a mortgage these days, we simply cannot afford to have an extra room doing nothing but store unwanted goods, so act today!

You can also think about it this way: if your guest room is being used for junk storage only, then take the total footage of your home and divide it by your monthly mortgage cost. That’s what you’re paying per square foot each month. Now, if your guest room is 100 square feet, times that by the number you just got and all of the sudden the reality of needing to make more of this room!

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